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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its quite depressing really

How quickly you adapt to being back in the freezing cold. It just all comes flooding back and you adjust the way you drive, dress, walk etc etc. UGHHHH Its supposed to be - 28 Celcius here this weekend with the windchill....lovely.  Next year lets have Christmas in Cuba ok!?!?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Snowy UK Adventure!

So we were supposed to land in Liverpool Airport shortly after this picture was taken. However, it snowed in Liverpool and they closed the airport as we were on our approach so we pulled up and circled for 45 minutes. Finally the pilot came on to tell us that we had been diverted to East Midlands Airport which is about 60 miles south of Liverpool. *lovely*
This picture is actually of the plane's shadow in the clouds because I thought it looked cool!!!! So we arrive at East Midlands and there is a gong show about whether we are getting off the plane or not. Apparently at one point the plan was to refuel and fly back to Liverpool because it had magically opened somehow. Eventually they let us off the plane though!!! 
The coast near Liverpool while circling. Since East Midlands Airport was closer to Leeds than Liverpool we hopped a bus from there into Nottingham to the train station. All the trains going to Leeds from Nottingham were cancelled but the conductor told us to try to get to Sheffield and we might be able to catch one from there. So we hopped on a train to Sheffield and lo and behold there was actually a train going to Leeds from there that was running!!!! And I would like to say that the Brits do NOT appear to heat the main parts of their train stations so we were rather chilly!!!!!
Reese having breakfast with William(the stuffed version)
The snow in the farm where Lynn keeps her horses!!! Decent amount!

Reese trying out her snowpants for the first time
Fergus the lovely stable dog!
Lynn's horse Milo
Richard and Reese feeding her other horse Riffy
Having a roll in the snow
Milo being naughty and nipping Riffy's coat

Domino being silly for the camera
this lane looks like the one she struggles up in the movie The Holiday

The real William, all tucked in
William meeting Snow White, and her dog George ;)
Reese guarding her dalmations

playing in the Christmas maze
The kids drumming in the middle of the maze.

The Christmas Adventure at Stockheld Park
Ahhhh the Brits! Cross country skiing on the fake ski trail when there is perfectly decent skiing snow right beside it!!! 

Reese's scampi, chips and peas and her hat made out of a menu
Great grandma, Lauren, Reese and Aunty Bev

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