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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Galleria Ferrari- Maranello, Italy

We drove two hours from our house down to the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello. It was mostly Autostrada all the way so it wasn't too bad of a drive. As you pull into Maranello the HUGE Ferrari factory is right in front of you. Seriously the whole town is Ferrari. There are Ferrari workers walking everywhere in their trademark red uniforms and jumpsuits!!!
There are Ferraris driving on the streets, the symbol is all over the place. We parked and seriously had not been out of the car more than a minute when the go-getters swooped in. "Want to test drive a Ferrari?"
Why yes I would, but I don't want to pay your insane fees and if I do test drive one I want to be on a track!!!! I would not enjoy myself driving around the streets of Maranello wondering if a random Italian was going to smash into me at any second.
The Galleria was great, however I will say that I expected more cars. I also expected there to be some place that you could sit in a Ferrari and check it out, or have your picture taken and there wasn't.
We had some lunch at the cafe, a coffee and then spent about 1.5 hours wandering around the Galleria.Worth a visit if you're a Ferrari fan :)

One of the old school ones!

World Champion in the 50's

They were so different looking!!!

Me being artistic! It had every model of Ferrari race car from the beginning to present.

More artsy stuff :)

In the Ferrari "pit" area of the museum

Ferrari Pit Stop

Cars and the track picture at the end of the room

The Control Station

Lynn and Reese checking it out

More race cars!!

The inside of the fuel injection system(at least that's what Richard #2 told me it was, I would have no idea!!)

GO CANADA GO!!!!! Kind of cool that Gilles Villeneuve's car was there :)

LOVE- So awesome

Seriously I just wanted to jump in one!!!!

This is the size of the Ferrari factory compared to the town, it was GIGANTIC

The Hall of Fame-Ferrari style

Yeah...they had a lot of trophies :)

It was a really crazy set up, the sayings on the screens kept changing. The one I liked said
"We don't sell cars, we sell dreams"

artsy pic

You all know it, you might not all love it though :)

The newer cars gallery

All I could focus on with this car was the awful seat covers...I know, such a girl ;)

I would however gladly take this one, even if it had ugly seat covers!!!!!! I think this was my second choice car :)

Wind tunnel model car

Not entirely sure what this was on, but I liked it.

I like this old one too!!!

and now my #1 Choice :) The Enzo. It was beautiful, I wish I could have one!!!!

I wasn't too sure about this one, its a totally different style than the rest. the 599X I think?

All the colours you can get your Ferrari in, with interior color choice too.

 Dear Santa: I would like a Ferrari Enzo in this red color please, but with a dark grey interior. That's right, I'm picky.

Reese-safely contained in her stroller so she didn't do something truly spectacular like key one of the Ferraris or knock something into one of them. Which would have been HORRIFIC. So she was safely in her stroller the entire trip!!!!!

Yup, I'm not quite kissing it since the signs say do not touch and the security guard was watching quite closely........Those two guys are like oh my god what is that chick doing!?!?! I think the red looks quite  good near me......Ahhhh just imagine how great it would be if I was actually IN the car!!! hahahaha

The statue  of Ferrari outside the Galleria...no security guards, so we get me in one of my "non-traditional" tourist pictures!!! hahaha

Yeah Reese wasn't as excited about the car as I was :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lake Como- The Bellagio End!!!! The place that the Las Vegas hotel is named after!!!

Reese, Lynn, Richard #2 and I all took the train up to Como last week. Its brilliant, 3.60 Euros one way. The tolls are more than that on the autostrada so its significantly cheaper to take the train!!! When we got to Como we decided to take a hydrofoil boat across to Bellagio, which is supposed to be the "pearl of the lake". It sits right where the lake splits and is regarded as the most beautiful section of Lake Como. 
The lake is HUGE by the way. It took us almost an hour on a high speed boat to get from Como to Bellagio, with only a few stops along the way.  It really was picturesque though, with lots of little alleys!!!!!
I can see where the inspiration for the Vegas hotel came from, totally gorgeous. I'd definitely return :)

A view of the lake from near Como
TOTALLY random picture!!!

One of the awesome little alleys in Bellagio

Coloured silk scarf collection outside one of the many shops

Alley picture #2!!!

And #3, I did however like the laundry sign in this picture!!! So it wasn't JUST of the alley

I know, #4, its getting to be an obsession!!!

I would like to live in this person's villa

The view from the top of Bellagio

The other ferry leaving the bay towards the other side of the lake

Bellagio from the bottom

I really enjoy this picture

but I think I like this edit better...what do YOU think???

Lynn and Reese near the flowers at the waterside

Lynn and Richard #2

The shops were all up these really steep cool looking steps(NOT an alley!!!!)

From the ferry looking back at Bellagio

Sweet gardens and a big villa

Yes sir, I'll have that one please

Little hill side towns

Ohhhh or this one!!!?

Awww I LOVED this one!!!! All English looking and covered in Ivy

Such gorgeous views

I have no idea how these people GET to their houses!!!

Oh yes I do!! This one had an elevator from its road level parking area down to the house. Crazy hey!?

Reese choking Grandma Lynn!

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