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Sunday, September 12, 2010

If you can't beat them.....join them :)

So I decided to try riding my bike with a skirt on today!!! Just to see what its like to be a local :) Because I don't feel like flashing to everyone around me I also wore my spandex running shorts underneath which I think might actually be seen as cheating by the Italians.

We went for a long bike ride and found Lake Basiglio!!! Then we proceeded to ride around it on a tiny little dirt track that at times was overgrown and I will admit I was every so slightly concerned about viper attacks!!!!
We turned down a track into the rice paddies and we found this AWESOME old, run down farm house/barn that in true Italian style was graffitti'd to the hilt. But really cool place for pictures!!!! We found the path that leads into the back of Basiglio and then turned around and continued along the lake.
Of course no sunday afternoon ride is complete without a macchiatto and a gelato so we stopped in Milano 3 for those. Beautiful afternoon!!!!
This weekend was also a festival in Basiglio and the town square has been taken over by a market/carnival/dance party/fair!!!! It was pretty cool to see and the decorations look like Christmas ones. St Agatha is who we are celebrating and I *believe* she is the patron saint of Basiglio. The bells have been going insane all weekend :
The path around Lake Basiglio and Richard's awesome new bike!!!
That's right, when in Rome. Me perched on my awesome bike in a SKIRT. With cycling shorts underneath I assure you. It was an interesting experiment to ride a bike in a skirt. I think the Italians are so good at it because they start them young. Also, a picture of Lake Basiglio!!
Basiglio as viewed from the rice paddies!! The graffitti in the abandoned building we found. Yes I know, I'm obsessed.Along with a photo book about alleys I can also have one of random graffiti!!!
I just liked the smiley face! And one of Reese exploring, cautiously! 
Richard posing and him and Reese looking at the graffiti colours
No idea what the graffiti says! Reese looking adorable!! Hmmm I just noticed that some of the pictures look a bit distorted :(
Reese showing her happy face when she found the happy face graffiti
My pictures look weird!?! hanging out in front of the wall
Looking into Basiglio, fierce concentration from Reese on the gelato spoons, its like she's WILLING more gelato to appear on them!!!!
Cafe Macchiato, so yummy, and over much too soon!!!!


bcbud September 13, 2010 at 7:24 PM  

Stumbled into here searching for things to do around Milanofiori... nice to find another canadian wandering around this part of the world... great pix!


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