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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Seriously this is an amazing contest, they're going to fly whoever wins from anywhere in the world to go for a weekend workshop with them!!! AHHHHHHHH


Agrigento, Sicily

Once again the pictures are hosted on flickr from now on so you'll have to click on the link below and it will take you to the slideshow of the pictures with descriptions!!!! I'm kind of sad that the pictures can't be in my blog right now, I'm working on a way to fix this!!!!

Ok....so I've managed to embed the slideshow in the blog now, you just have to click on the triangle play button and then it should start. If you click on the four arrows pointing in opposite directions in the bottom right corner it will take it to full screen for you!!!!!!
Hope this works this time!

Syracuse, Sicily

Ok so the pictures are all at this link!!!!!! Enjoy!! We LOVED Syracuse! If you ever go there email me and I'll give you recommendations on where to eat and stay! click on the link below to see the pictures.

Slideshow with explanations!!!*hopefully*


Since I've run out of room on the blogger server and I'm too cheap to buy more space!!!!! Since I have unlimited space on flickr then I'm going to host the pictures there and post a link for you to see them from here....sooooooooo
TO SEE THE PICTURES...click on the words below that say Taormina Pictures and it will take you to another website and you can see them. let me know if you have any problems!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011



Taormina, a set on Flickr.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Italy- the clothing rules

I am the worst blogger ever!!!! Seriously I haven't even finished editing the pictures from Sicily yet! I will tell you one funny thing about life in Italy right now though. So this weekend it was +25C, which where I'm from in Canada is summer. Well everyone here is still walking around in toques and scarves, coats and sweaters!!!!!! I am NOT KIDDING they look like they are sweating to death. Apparently its all because there is a magical date in Italy and you DO NOT put your winter wardrobe away before that date no matter how hot it gets or you'll get the dreaded "congestione"!! Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that stifling yourself up in as many layers as possible in +25 and sunny weather will absolutely weaken your constitution and give you the "congestione!" They look absolutely RIDICULOUS!

They look at us like we're insane though because we're in t-shirts and shorts and dresses with no sweaters or coats. The looks I get are of alarm and worry for Reese, like I'm this awful mother who lets her child out in shorts at +25!
I feel like running around with a sign on me saying "Sono Canadese!" As in, this is as good as it gets sometimes in Calgary!!!
I honestly just can not get over it, it is the strangest thing! I've been told that on or about the 1st of May is the magical date that they can all shed their layers and bring out the summer wardrobe.

Apparently "dressing for the weather" is a totally foreign concept in Italy ;)

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