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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 111-150

This was in celebration of Princess Kate and Prince William!! We got dressed up and watched the wedding
Jet lag- this was our trip back to Canada
Grandpa and Reese
DAFFODILS!!!!! Love them
Reese and George
Norm's awesome painting
Grandpa Wayne and Reese having a sleep
Ahhhhh Alberta
Sooty and Reese playing in the backyard at Nov's house
Aden pushing Jada and Reese at the park near Caroline's house
An Artist and his Dog
Reese stole everyone's rings!
snuggling with Grandpa
Playing with the creamers, doesn't every child love to do this!?
Jet lagged again coming back the other way. This is in San Siro, where AC and Inter Milan play
Millie, George, Reese and Harrison
well its fairly self explanatory really
La Scala Opera House in Milan
Kangeroo and Joey at the Bergamo Zoo
Grandma Andrea and Reese out at Lake Como
Reese and Richard in Sermione on Lake Garda
Mam, Mom and Reese in Venice
Reese in Piazza San Marco, Venice with the famous pigeons
Reese and her beloved purple shoes
cherries!!!!!!! The tree in our backyard was full of them

Mom and Reese in Basiglio
The hat for the wedding!!!
Its not the actual David, that's inside at the Galleria and no pictures are allowed, this is the copy in the Piazza
The Giro Italia
Potty training- my worst nightmare!!!!
Henry is so lovely!!!!
Another Italian housewife project
my fabulous new shoes
eating a popsicle
macro shot
OUR NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!

day 91-110

Having fun on the Grier's new trampoline
The awesome Wisteria along the street

Ahhhh Venice
Reese and I in Venice
The Benvenuto Club of Milan's Fashion Show
chicken pox???? we think it must have been eczema
Yoga posing
playing with our masques that we got in Venice!
ahhhh looking back at them :)
Easter Egg Hunt
Another Italian Housewife project picture
The kids at the park
Its a really good pout face
We love these in our family!!!
creative eating
Easter egg dying
EASTER 2011!!!!
once upon a time...
It was hilarious, here she's waving her fairy wand
Clothing drying on the line

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