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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well hope you had a great summer!!

It was a very busy summer in our family, mid July we left for England for a week and went to the great yorkshire show which was very fun!! It was ridiculously COLD in Leeds that week and I'd packed for summer but other than that I was so happy we went. We saw Prince Charles!! Would have been a lot more thrilled if it was Prince Harry or William but what can you do. Reese said "Hi Prince Charles, Hi Duchess" and Lynn shook his hand!!!

Reese and I flew from there out to Canada for two weeks and tried to see as many people as we possibly could. We also packed up our house with the intention of selling it but the market is pretty crap right now in our area so we decided to rent it out again.

My camera also broke at the end of July and had to be sent into get fixed in the UK so my project 365 was put on hold for a month while I was waiting for it to come back.

Then Hailey flew back to Italy the same day as Reese and in the beginning of August and stayed with us for two weeks until Lorie, Jamie and George joined us and we did a whirlwind tour of Italy and then went to the Canary Islands for a week. I will try to catch up on pictures since I think I can post them here from flickr now, or potentially even from mobile me. I got frustrated with the lack of photo sharing space and gave up on my blog!
I'll figure it out though and then throw pictures your way!
Grocery shopping last week was insane, back to school and the line ups were awful and the place was PACKED with Italians.
This weekend is the festival of the Saint in our village and that is what we're planning on doing tonight!!!!! rides and games, music and street vendor food!!!!


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