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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tiger mosquitos

So here in Italy there are THREE types of mosquitos that plague us in the village. The "Commune" which is your garden variety type of mosquito, bites, red bump from it etc etc. Then there is the "Tigre" or Tiger mosquito which is grey striped, more aggressive and larger than the regular one and its bites are more painful and can cause more swelling. We think these have been the ones attracted to Reese because the poor kid swells up horribly from some of her bites, like big, red, swollen areas of arms and legs that are hot to touch, it looks SO painful! Then there are the "Tropical" variety which explains itself really and which I haven't heard too many nasty things about yet. Being that we live near the rice paddies the mosquito levels are quite high here, so far they haven't been AWFUL, but it does make sitting out in the evening(which is the only time of day that its NOT boiling) rather distracting!!! We have a mosquito zapper upstairs and this has decreased the number of bites Reese was getting overnight( the one night she got 9 huge bites all over her arms and legs that swelled up by morning...poor thing!!!!!!!) there is spray here that you spray on your yard that deters the mosquitos for 6-8 hours. I'd use it but god only knows what chemicals are in it to keep them away so up until now we've avoided it at our house, might have to get some as the summer progresses though, not sure citronella candles are going to cut it!
Never thought I'd be missing Canadian mosquitos!!


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