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Thursday, November 11, 2010


We went to Brescia Halloween weekend :)
Brescia is between Milan and Venice and is quite a large city. We were going to do Verona and Brescia in one day but we liked it so much there we decided to leave Verona for another day. 
This is a cool looking door in the middle of Brescia. It is someone's garage door but it looks like it should be entrance into some secret society lair!
The vaulted ceilings at the town hall
Just liked this window!!!!
The top of the town hall, VERY fancy for a town hall!!
The two fools at the top of the clock tower who ring in the hour
Another balcony that I would like to be able to visit, so I took a picture of it instead :)
The lion sculptures/rain spouts on the front of one of the older churches in Brescia
The view of the new Duomo from the side street, same roofing as the legislative buildings in Edmonton :)
The new Duomo...and by new I mean it was built from 1604 and finished in 1825.
The new Duomo with the Rotunda, or old Duomo in the background. That one is old :) It was build in the 11th century.
The front of the cathedral looking into the square
Old and new-ish
I just liked the look of this place!!!
Cool little street crossing with Italian flags and statues built into the walls. Who knows how long those statues have been there!
A statue on the back of the Duomo, holding a feather which seemed to be one of the symbols of Brescia
Roman looking fountain leading into the castle park
The castle peeking out between the trees as we started out ascent. This would have been a HORRIBLE castle to attack because you would have to climb uphill all the way to get to it and then scale rocks at the end to even get to the outside walls. I'm sure archers would have picked me off ten steps from where I took this picture!
Reese enjoying her new scarf and touque, the scarf has built in mitts which she LOVES
The castle, and a sun flare coming through one of the openings in the outer wall. Plus the wooden wall below it
Looking up through the bottom part of the gardens
very pretty, this part reminded me of Canada for some reason :)
I'm assuming this is so that fallen rocks don't hit everyone hiking up below, pretty hard core!
The rocks you would have to climb back in the day to attack the castle...not fun
The lovely walkway up into the castle
Super creepy well, gave me the shivers
Holly was out!!! very pretty, it was everywhere :)
The stairs going up between the outer wall and courtyard. Believe it or not Reese climbed up ALL of these stairs! We kept trying to pick her up but she'd say "Reese climb stairs!"
There she goes
At the top you run into this tunnel which was also creepy, dark and cold.
But you came out into a lovely open courtyard kind of area overlooking Brescia
Reese and Richard posing for the camera
Italian style kiss
Ahhhhh a gun :)
Brescia, looking North towards the mountains
More Brescia, you can see the Calcio(soccer) field just below
Looking south 
More trees
Looking up at the tower and the keep of the castle from outside the inner walls
Reese sticking her head in the lion's mouth :)
J'adore fall!!!!! I love the colours in this picture :)
The tower on the corner of the inner walls
More tunnels
I just liked the way this looked, kind of bleak and hopeless, a castle abandoned. This was actually a very well taken care of castle though, one of the nicest I've ever seen.
The view from the top of one of the north towers on the wall
Looking back into the castle
It was like a maze in there, seriously we took like 5 wrong turns, there were paths and doors leading all over the place!
My artistic shot of grains growing in the cracks of the wall
More artsy shots :)
Beautiful place, creepy history!!! This place used to be the executioners green where they offed everyone!
Looking out into Brescia again
Fixing the scarf/mitts combo
Looking down at the paths we had climbed up
The upper wall
The vineyards below
The hillside villages and vineyards
Just liked the view on this one :)
Reese and Daddy
Mama and Reese
Leaves turning colours
Artsy shot of a guy walking alone
The DRAWBRIDGE!!!! How cool :)
Inside the castle now
Stone trough thing which is now being used as an unofficial planter :)
Artsy shot again- door lock
The castle keep and tower
Inner courtyard looking out to the east
The tower
Weird looking staircase! Apparently the original one
Suit of armour from the 1500's This was in the Ancient Arms museum which was inside the keep. The keep was built on top of a temple that was initiatied in the first century AD, the ruins are underneath the keep and have been excavated and the museum has been built around them so as not to destroy them. Some of the frescos were preserved. Pretty awesome!
It was a very well planned and impressive museum
the temple ruins
more ruins
seriously, these are hardcore
The little street coming back down from the castle into Brescia the front way. It was charming!


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