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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Last week we were in Wales visting my family. Reese and I flew over with Ryanair into Gatwick. Someone please remind me to avoid flying into Gatwick when going to Wales, it takes 4 hours to get back to Abercrave from Gatwick...ugghhh. Cardiff it is!!!
Had a lovely time in Wales, stayed at my grandmother's house and got to see everyone except two of my great aunts and my cousin Rebecca.
Reese got to spend lots of time with her two great grandmothers and also got to visit with her great aunts and uncles and meet her second cousins. She had fun playing with the boys and going to the garden center!!
We also got to go to Swansea on Sat and eat my beloved fish and chips on Sat night. We went to Aberavon beach on Sunday and then out to eat at the Abercrave Inn with Adam and Nicole. Monday we went up to Cae Hopkin School where June teaches and then out to Crag-y-Nos Parc to feed the ducks, then we had lunch with Mam,Victoria and the boys. All in all it was a great trip, it rained and was chilly but really I wasn't expecting anything else from Wales in November :)

Abercrave, views from Mam's house, back and front and the B&B across the way

Reese watching her new favourite thing....Cbeebees....the BBC kids channel!
The next few are of Mam and Reese snuggling

Reese at Mam Meg's house in her eclectic outfit
Out behind Meg's house, its so beautiful. 

The path below I must have walked a hundred times when I was younger. It goes down past the church and to June&Alwyn's House. I remember squishing slugs walking on it in the rain as a kid!
I am somewhat in love with the picture below!!!!!!! Wales is magical!!!

Reese, Mam Meg, June and I on Aberavon Beach. Reese was picking seashells and playing with her shadow :)

Playing with Alwyn and June back at their house before going out for dinner that night

Reese's new best friend Adam at the Abercrave Inn. He kept her entertained by playing peek a boo with his spoon which thankfully averted any major meltdowns!

Meg, Reese, June and I feeding the ducks and exploring Craig y Nos Parc
Dancing for the ducks

Victoria's boys and Reese out for lunch with Victoria, Mam and I at the Abercrave Inn


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