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Friday, January 7, 2011

AND...We're back!!!

Well after a month away to Canada we are finally back in Italy. I have pictures to post but as I'm still in the process of editing them you'll all just have to wait a few days!!!!

The trip home was great, we got to do all sorts of things. We went skating and sledding, Reese loved both activities! Mom and Jenna took Reese to her first movie at the cinema, Tangled, which she was so enthralled with she apparently sat still the entire movie and ate popcorn!! Richard and I went on a ski trip to the Ranch down in Montana for five days, Reese stayed with Mom and Norm. We had Christmas with the family, all 15 of us! I got to see some of the ladies from work which was pretty great. Reese got to see her godmother a few times and while we were hoping she was going to have her baby before we left, no such luck. So now we are patiently waiting for a call/text from them saying that baby has safely arrived!!!! Reese was reaquainted with Davinci and Weber(dogs!). All in all it was a cold, but lovely trip home.
The flight back here was not so lovely!!! 16 hours long from Calgary to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to Milan. YUCK. Plus I have decided that I really don't like Delta airlines. We booked with KLM and flew over with them but coming back we had to fly with their partner airline Delta.....BOOO.
BUT...here we are!

So, here is how I know I am back in Italy
1.I must now watch for cars slamming into the front of my car on purpose again
2.I no longer have to hold the wheel steady and pray for the best on the back roads like I did in Canada
3.In the mall today, first person shoves into me and I say "I'm sorry"*then remember where I am*. Second person shoves into me and I say "Mi scusi". Third person who shoves into me I throw my elbows out and REALLY remember where I am. Self defence people!!!!
4.Gone are the orderly line ups in Canada. Here it requires military tactics to line up at the grocery store. Its mob style line ups and if you don't budge your cart forward when you can you could still be there at closing time. I'm not freaking kidding!
5. Must start to make better effort again at dressing myself, today's ensemble was not up to par at the grocery store!!
6. Cooking now requires a toque and slippers again since our kitchen is FREEZING in the basement! However we did just buy a lovely new space heater today so I'm hoping to be able to cook dinner without getting frostbite!

Yeah..that's it for now :)
OH...P.S. I got a new steam mop and its brilliant, just thought I'd throw that out there!!!!


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