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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching up on my Project 365

So I post them on Facebook because its super easy to do that from lightroom. But for some reason it won't let me export directly to this blog anymore so its getting neglected. I promise one of these days I'll actually sit down and fix that!!!!

It helps that I have an very imaginative child on days when I have no idea what to take pictures of!!! This is Reese playing "Vet" with Henry. I looked over and thought, aha, this is what I should try and capture. So I hid in the corner with my camera and snapped away. Neither of them paid any attention to me. Reese had lined up her playdough cutters on Henry's side, then put her chart next to them and I could hear her telling Henry "I do your chart" Then she apparently decided that he needed medicine which is why the spoon is next to him and then he actually stuck it in his mouth in the top picture which sent Reese into fits of giggle as she was saying to him" Henry take your medicine" "You sick?!" and I'm pretty sure she would have let him eat the spoon if I hadn't stopped her!!!!

Me peering in at bath time with Reese and Daddy. Caught a picture of Daddy's Alligator leading a sneak attack with the spray on Reese!!!
Today is Saint David's Day and I desperately tried to find some daffodils in the village to take a cool picture with but nope.....so bath picture it is!

Today was a lazy day, I was already editing over 300 pictures from Rome so I just didn't have a creative bone left in my body!!!! Reese insisted on wearing her Snow White dress all day, she only took it off to go for a nap and then put it right back on again when she was done. She's never really liked it much before today!!!!!

This is Jenny, Amelie(who is asleep!!), Reese and I standing under one of the ruins in the Roman forum. We are two of a much larger group of ladies and the only two residing on this continent!!!!!! So we thought we'd continue on the tradition of a "group shot" at the meet-ups and here is our take on it :)

Saturday's a RUGBY day!!!!!!!
This is us at the Wales vs Italy 6 Nations Game. We originally planned the trip because we thought my cousin would be playing but unfortunately he was injured in a club game before the start of the tournament, so we decided to go and watch the game anyways :)
It was SO FUN! Kind of nerve wracking but a great atmosphere!!!

Friday we met up with our friends Jenny, Christian and Amelie and went and toured the Vatican and St.Peter's Basilica. Yes.....we saw the Sistene Chapel, it was pretty awesome!!! My picture of the day is of the alter in St. Peter's Basilica. Seriously, I thought I'd seen some impressive churches here in Italy but this one takes the cake! It's absolutely INSANE how elaborately decorated this Basilica is. It actually blows my mind to think that this was finished in 1626!!!!!!
Thursday was a busy day!!! So I snapped this on our very short flight to Rome :) This is Reese stuffing her face full of panini!

Well it was self portrait day again today!!!
Top left- us kissing
middle left- Us talking about Sarah the doll
bottom left- Reese looking in my ears
Top right- listening to my heart
Middle left- she actually gagged me with the spoon full of fake medicine in this picture!!!!!!
Bottom right- Look at the calm on that face while she jabs me with a "needle" Cool as a cucumber and posing for the cameras too. She might be a doctor one day, perhaps not a nurse, we don't have time to pose for cameras!!!!!!
We are rat sitting Daisy and Cookie the rats for the Griers because they are in Paris at EuroDisney!!! this is Cookie the rat saying hello to Reese. She's pretty obsessed with them, asking how they are doing all day long even though Daisy had a nibble at her finger this morning! To be fair she was told about twenty times NOT to put her finger through the cage!!!!!
They are basically like big hamsters with tails :)

One of my photography assignments last week, posing her in different angles to the window to see how the light hits her face. She is intently watching out the window in this one because we had just seen a helicopter flying really low a few minutes before we started taking pictures and she was watching in case it came back I think!!!
Outside the Milan Aquarium. Its located in this really cool old building just inside Sempione Park. Its very small, but Reese seemed to enjoy herself and it was free so really we can't complain!!!!!
Playing with Cadbury in the fields 
the gang at pizza on Friday Night. Every Friday a big group of us eat at this pizza place. It varies, one Friday it was only four of us, but we've been as large as 21 people!! Daniel the owner is great, seriously amazing pizza! So if you come and visit us we'll take you here for a pizza and vino :)
Self portrait day today. I'm aware I look perturbed in the top picture!!! I was getting frustrated with the whole self portrait thing because its a lot harder than it looks and so I was staring down the camera daring it to take an out of focus picture AGAIN. (Cause its totally the camera's fault right!?!?) However even if I look annoyed I still like it for some reason. The bottom three are my outtakes, like the nerd-o that I am!!!!!
Seriously, I'm glad I joined a project 52 where I have to take a self-portrait once a week because I had no idea how hard it was, and how AWFUL I look in about 95% of the pictures I take while attempting it!! I'm certainly learning my "angles" CHIN OUT!!!!
I know it doesn't look like one but its actually something I drew on the chalkboard and then took a picture of! I blackened the black and tweaked the colours. The quote was added in PSE. I got some bad news this morning about a wonderful lady that I worked with at the RGH ER. It made me really sad that I'm not at home, and that I won't be able to attend her memorial. I like this quote because I think its true that people live on not only just through their children, but by all the people they have touched. Lois was a charge nurse on my unit, and a legend in our department. She taught me so much in the few years that I was there. She was like a little tornado whirling around the department, managing to cram patients in every nook and cranny!!! I will never forget that, or her, or any of the things she taught me about being a better nurse.
Rest in Peace Lois.


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