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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cefalu, Sicily

Cefalu was a beautiful little town on the north coast of Sicily about an hour away from Palermo. We stayed at the Hotel Kalura, which was a very nice hotel, but it was a little too far out of the old town for our liking. It was kind of a resort in itself so if you wanted to go and do that kind of thing in the summer I think it would be a nice one to stay at. If I ever returned to Cefalu though I would stay closer to the main beach/town. 

Cefalu is a town that is mentioned in the histories as far back as 307BC. It sits on a rocky part of land jutting out into the sea. It has a beautiful beach just off the old town. 
It has also been named as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy!!!

These were the mountains we could see driving from Palermo to Cefalu on the North Coast of Sicily. 
The towns are so cool!! This one is built up on the ridge going up a mountain. 

This was the view from our balcony at the Hotel Kalura!! So stunning!

The outdoor eating area viewed from our balcony

Looking along the balconies towards the cliffs that had castle ruins on them. 
Reese getting some park time in at the resort

She also decided that she needed to lie in this chair in the sun for a bit. We were uber paranoid though because if you look in the background there isn't much stopping a two year old from throwing herself over the cliff, which is why Richard is holding onto her!!! They move quick at this age!

The cliffs going down the path to the "beach"

Richard and Reese hanging out on the rocks down at the hotel beach

The "beach" There was a rocky beach type area at the far end, but I imagine that the sun loungers are probably set up here and its probably packed in the summer. There is also a very large pool so I suppose you could sit by that too!

The beach in Cefalu, with the old town in the background. 

Reese and Richard drawing with sticks

It was some serious work

She wouldn't put that thing down!!!!

artsy shot, sunset and beach

Here's your alley shot Karen!!! The streets seemed to go up forever!!

Old Roman healing baths

A archway/tunnel leading from the old town streets out to the beach/docks

Richard and Reese in silhouette

I actually have no idea what we're doing in this picture!!!

I just really liked the lighting

And I absolutely ADORE this shot

The Cefalu Duomo- built in 1131 in Norman architecture style. 

The apse is decorated with what is known as a "Pantocrater" which is Christ represented in a very specific way
"It depicts Christ facing forward, looking melancholy/stern and with his right hand raised in blessing. In his left he always is holding a book. Generally against a gold background and in a semi-dome type of area"

I just liked how the cathedral and statue looked against the cliffs

End of the nice weather, this was the next morning when a huge storm had rolled in overnight and there was gale force winds!! Unfortunately that was also the morning we had to take a ferry across to the Aeolian Islands!!


Karen aka CARROT March 23, 2011 at 3:52 AM  

Thanks Rachel! I really need a Alleys of the World" coffee table book one of these days :P

I think the one of you and Reese in the archway is my new fave!

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