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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to see a doctor in Italy

First of all apologies for my lack of blogging, I've been taking two photography courses and seem to be unable to keep up with everything. Plus the kiddo has been home sick quite a bit in Feb and that severely decreases the amount of time I can spend on the computer!!!!

How to see a doctor in Italy

Well, Reese started talking like she had a frog in her throat Sunday evening, and started to produce pus galore from her eyes(ahhhh its charming being a parent!) By Monday evening the kid sounded like she was breathing through a very small hole so I looked down her throat and sure enough, her tonsils were taking over!!! I called the doctor on her cell phone(which is shared between all the moms in this village!!) and she said she could come first thing in the morning to see Reese.
So at 10:00 she rolls up on her scooter with a fancy red helmet and a matching FANTASTIC red leather doctor's bag!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!
She did a very thorough examination on Reese, who took a shine to her immediately. The exam and the history taken was all done in our living room and she examined Reese on the couch, pulling all sorts of things out of the fabulous red leather bag to use.
Now I'd heard from the other moms that this particular pediatrician preferred using naturopathic remedies to medicine if she could. But one look down Reese's throat had her writing a prescription for an 8 day course of antibiotics!!!!  What's kind of great here though is that they prescribe lactobacillus(enterogerminia) at the same time to try and ward off the diarrhea that we all know comes with kids taking antibiotics.
I was saying to her how I think its wonderful that a pediatrician does house calls here in Italy because I can't see any doctor's back home doing that and she said her theory is that if she has an office that all the sick kids come into, then one comes in with vomiting and other one with tonsillitis and the next week they've just switched illnesses!!! She prefers to go to the patient, which I think is just AWESOME :) The visit was 90 Euros so about $130 but we can claim it back from insurance so I don't mind at all.
She also advised just as she was leaving to take Reese outside for some fresh air because "its a very nice day today" Old school.......I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Then we went to the pharmacy, didn't have to show any sort of insurance card or anything, they didn't even keep the "prescription". The antibiotics cost 3.25 Euros so about five dollars! So far I'm loving my experience with the Italian health care system!


Sarah March 1, 2011 at 6:44 PM  

Awww, I'm sorry Reese is not well. I hope she feels better soon. The doctor sounds fantastic!

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