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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Diagnosis?----Language Barrier

So Thursday was one of the more frustrating days of my life. Sky TV came to install what I thought was going to be our TV. Since the tenants before us already had a dish on the roof and Richard WITNESSED them watching Sky in the living room we didn't think it would be an issue. BOY were we ever wrong!!
It started out with me apologizing for not speaking Italian and asking them if they spoke any English....no.
ok...so then he starts asking something in Italian and pointing up. I take this to mean he's asking about the satellite on the roof and gesture him upstairs with a "do whatever you have to do face"
Reese takes this opportunity to throw a complete and utter FIT and clings like a limpet to me and we're both hot, sweaty and flustered now. TV men come downstairs, they need a chair to get out the skyroof windows, put Reese in crib...total meltdown. Get a chair and take it up the two flights of stairs and deliver it. Then they want wasp spray....WTF I don't have wasp spray, or at least that is what I THINK they want. So I go down four flights of stairs, find some old bug Raid in the garage that must have belonged to the previous tenants and take it back UP the four flights of stairs and give it to the guy....no.....not the right stuff. Get Richard's secretary on the phone because she's fluent in both languages. They explain to her that they get signal on the roof but not at the tv downstairs. They are going to fix that and if they can't they will call her back. Ok
They ask for some water and I give them some nice cold fizzante water. Then they stand there in the living room with me explaining something in Italian, and saying "NO SKY" At this point I try to call Katerina again, but the phone won't work, and its getting really hot in the house. I try to use google translate on my phone, no internet. WTF...oh fantastic, the power has gone out again. Reese is still on my hip yowling and I'm trying to call with my cell phone which gets NO service in the house unless you're near a door.
There is no answer at Katerina's desk. To be fair she's a busy lady. The TV guys try....no answer. So we all stand staring at each other sweating before he says..no sky, and I say...ok and shrug and then they left. And then out of sheer frustration I had a crying fit!!! hahahaha it didn't last long. Apparently they have a way to fix our no sky problem so they will be returning....freaking GREAT. I'm hoping our landlord Max can be persueded into coming over at that time to translate!!!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhhh I had a few very disillusioned hours but I'm back to loving it now!!!


Karen August 29, 2010 at 5:57 AM  

omg what a day! Love how the little ones have such great timing with the moods and tantrums *sigh* Hang in there my friend!!

KimNAisy August 29, 2010 at 2:08 PM  

Rachel that sounds SO familiar with the baby. They know EXACTLY when to get crazy... like at the exact moments you have no time to deal with thier bipolar moments thats exactly when they get that way. I hope today is better for you and you get TV soon!!

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