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Thursday, August 19, 2010

From Frankfurt to Milan

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My flight from Frankfurt to Milan ended up being delayed half an hour but no big deal. When I was sitting in the departure lounge waiting to board I could see a van outside with the Henry & Cadbury’s kennels in the back!!!! So I took a picture of course. Then I watched to make sure that the van went and parked by the plane and ALSO asked the flight attendent once I was on board to check if they had two dogs.

Sat next to a nice middle age guy from Tel Aviv who was meeting his family in Milan for a week vacation to the lake/mountain district. He gave me some great tips no places to see such as a coffee factory near Venice and a few ski hills to hit up. I was asking him tonnes of questions about Israel and Tel Aviv and Tokyo since he apparently went there often on business. It made the flight go by quickly.

I landed and went and got two luggage carts, and now that I think of it I didn’t get my freaking 3 Euro back from them!!!! I was too busy trying to get the dogs loaded up!!! Anyway my bags came out first and then they brought the dogs out but they were zap strapped closed and I didn’t have anything sharp to open them with. I decided to get myself out to the taxis. Pushed myself and two luggage carts worth of dog and bags out through customs…………………no one said a word, just waved me through. Didn’t even check my passport!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
They DID check my passport in Frankfurt when I touched down. But the lady didn’t ask me ANY questions, just scanned it and stamped it! I had my story all ready to go. It looks like the dogs got checked in Frankfurt. They were definitely out of their crates because the liners in the crates had been changed and there were only two zap straps attached and a new sticker saying the baggage had been cleared. To go with the five million other stickers!!!
I waved at a van cab and ran across the road to talk to him….my “Parla Anglaise” was met with “a little” so I thought great I’ll take him!!!!!
Drive out toward Basiglio and when we near it the road goes to single lane and even the van cab driver was surprised!!! He said “Camion come, not looking and BOOM” which I’m taking meant that if I was to drive that road I should be VERY careful of watching for oncoming traffic, and “No night” which means no night time driving, not that I wanted to do any!!

The house is great!!! Bigger than I expected with about a billion places to store things!!! It came only partially furnished so we spent a small fortune at Ikea J

Went to Carrefour which is like a big super walmart and stocked up on groceries and such. I have a pantry which is AWESOME!!!! Its so weird though some vegetables just don’t seem to be available here….like broccoli and cauliflower! Lots of tomatoes though J Milk is also a bit strange over here but we managed to find the fresh stuff and buy two bottles of it. We also couldn’t find sliced bread, but Reese was starting to melt down so we didn’t actually get to see ALL of Carrefour. 


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