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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My journey to Italy

Well getting out of Calgary wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Good thing I was flying business class and showed up early because the line to check in was horrific. The guy at the counter was awesome and walked us through all the way to putting the dogs in their kennels in the excess baggage area. They thoroughly checked the kennels and then in the dogs went!!!! I won't see them now until Milan but I'm really hoping that they are enjoying the Frankfurt "Animal Lounge"

Special thanks to Karen from Boomerang Pet Carriers who helped me out with the kennels and is working on getting someone to meet me in Milan...no email from her yet so I assume that means I have to try and find a grande taxi by myself :) however I did check with Lufthansa and the dogs have arrived here and "apparently" will be going to the animal lounge. I certainly hope so because I bet they need to pee!!

My menu and the view from my seat, having bathrooms used only by first class is a definite plus!!!
The menu which was like a little book!!!! INSANE :)

My STARTER!!! It was freaking delicious.I would have taken a picture of the rest of it but I was STARVING :)

I think I'm ruined. I highly doubt I will ever enjoy flying in economy class EVER again. I was bumped to first class because the plane that I was on had first and business and they were only supposed to have business class passengers. AWESOME. We got on and they came around with wine and champagne or OJ. Then they handed out the menus...that's right people...MENUS.  I've attached pictures of course. We all had little travel bags on our seats with toothbrushes, socks, eye mask, headphone covers etc etc. There was mouth wash and hand lotion in the bathrooms. Each seat had its own entertainment system which was cool and then when it was time to eat they came and put your tray down for you, and then put a white napkin over it to simulate a tablecloth, and silverware with linen napkins!!! hahaha. Then they took our orders. I had the Olives and Asparagus starter, Chicken Tikka for a main and profiteroles for dessert, with the Cabernet Sauvignon wine choice. It was a three course meal, bread and salad, then the entree and then dessert and coffee. It was freaking amazing!!!!
Then after that was all cleared I lay my seat down into a BED, put my mask on, they turned off the lights and I snuggled under my blanket and slept for about 4 hours. Then when I woke up I watched Clash of the Titans(ahhhhhhhh Sam Worthington....so hot) and then we landed in Frankfurt!!!!! Seriously the BEST transatlantic flight I've ever had!! I'm tired since its like 1am for me but not overly so since I had some sleep on the plane. Frankfurt airport is INSANE. The business lounge is so cool though!!! There is all sorts of drinks here and food to be had, papers from every country and even showers if you so desire!!! I need to win the lottery so I can always fly first class on my long haul flights :) 

So far my flight is on time to Milan. So here's hoping that the rest of the trip goes as planned!!!


Karen August 20, 2010 at 6:46 PM  

sounded wonderful! all air travel hence forth will be disapponiting lol!

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